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Here you will find the documents, forms and some process advice useful in managing your grant projects.



Short guidelines for materials/equipment purchase

Purchase of materials/equipment, financed through CERIC grants, will be managed by CERIC administration (exceptional case: if the procurement is cofunded by CERIC and other institution, it will be agreed, case by case, whose procurement rules will be applied).
For requests or any questions, contact:

How to purchase?
Plan the purchase of materials/equipment in advance; duration of administrative procedure depends on the value and complexity of purchase:

  • Less then 50,000.00 € – at least 3 suppliers needed. The administrative procedure (opening a tender and receiving/evaluating the offers) takes 1 week – 3 months (depending on the complexity of the materials/equipment).
  • 50,000.00 € and above – lengthy procedure through public tender. Contact the administration few months in advance to start on time (e.g. 3 – 5 months, depending on the complexity of the materials/equipment).

Prepare needed information:

  • Technical specifications – the more detailed technical specification are, the easier and faster it is for the administration to do the purchase process(do not put any brands in the specifications),
  • Description of use of the purchased materials/equipment (e.g. upgrade of xy instrument),
  • Estimated value of te purchase (VAT excluded),
  • Quantity,
  • Place of delivery,
  • Minimum 3 possible suppliers; exceptional case – ordering from 1 supplier: it is necessary to list the reasons for this kind of request.
  • Other relevant information.

Send the prepared information to CERIC administration.

The administration will review the information and contact the Principal Investigator for further information (in case needed), before starting the purchase.

If materials/equipment from a specific supplier are requested, the request must be explained and justified reasonably (e.g. exclusive rights of the suppliers).

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