Commercial users are invited to exploit a portfolio of CERIC’s tailored services to boost their research and development activities related to the characterization and modification of materials in the fields of energy, health, food, cultural heritage and more.

With excellent facilities in 9 countries in Central and Eastern Europe (Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia), CERIC supports proprietary research through a problem-solving approach, using some of the best scientific facilities and expertise in Central and Eastern Europe. Confidentiality is ensured through specific agreements guaranteeing the customer ownership of results.

Services for commercial users are offered on market-based conditions.

In order to request more information, or access a specific service, please fill in this form. After analyzing your request, we will provide a written reply or propose a meeting in order to further discuss how to meet your needs.

Industrial and commercial services include:

Research & Development

  • Access to Instrumentation: CERIC supports industrial users by providing access to its complementary instruments and techniques. Interested users can send a request to the Industrial Liaison (IL) team, who will prepare the most suitable tailored package for R&D activities addressing specific industrial needs. Read more about the techniques available and find out more about some of the possible solutions provided for different industrial sectors.
  • Contract Research: Commercial users have the possibility to contract CERIC to provide a solution to their problem.
  • Contract research is possible either by taking part in already existing projects of CERIC and/or of its Partner Facilities (see examples here), or by joining new collaborative projects with CERIC /and or its Partners.
  • Joint Application for Projects: CERIC is active in participating and building partnerships for applying to calls for proposals. It can support industrial partners in finding the right project and partners for common strategic collaboration purposes, and contribute to the preparation and submission of joint proposals.


CERIC organizes trainings to get industrial users acquainted with the techniques available for research and development, and their industrial applications. The purpose of these trainings is to exchange and share the know-how and expertise with the industry, to support finding the best and most innovative solutions to specific industrial needs.

Innovations’ marketplace

CERIC offers a unique platform to showcase the innovative solutions that can be provided to industry and research entities working with the development of new materials.

Spin-off & Start-up support

Using its wide European network and expertise, CERIC provides support to spin-offs and start-ups by linking them to innovation networks and communities, as well as incubators and accelerators throughout Europe.

Type of Agreements

According to the services needed by companies, CERIC is ready to offer different kind of agreements, going from contracts for analytical services to more complex research, development and cooperation support.  In the following link, you can find the templates of the different agreements CERIC can offer in order to be fast and agile during any phase of the relationship with the industry.