Management and Administration

Dr. Jana Kolar has a broad range of expertise, ranging from policy development and implementation, research and innovation to entrepreneurship. Among others, she had been Director General of Science in Technology at the Ministry in Slovenia, chairman of the board of Slovenian Technology Agency and member of the board of Slovenian Research Agency. She is currently member of the board of the European Institute of Technology and Innovation (EIT), member of the ERA Council Forum Austria, a high-level expert body advising the Austrian Minister responsible for Science and Research, and member of Horizon 2020 advisory group on Innovation in small and medium-sized enterprises.

She has authored/co-authored several expert reports contracted by the European Commission.

Trained as a chemist, she has published more than 60 peer reviewed papers and a European patent. In 2004, dr. Kolar established a company which develops market products and services for characterization of materials, mainly in the field of cultural heritage.
tel. +39 040 375 8534

Scientific Background in:

  • Food Engineering
  • Process automation and control

Professional Experiences in:

  • Policies and implementation of open access in research infrastructures
  • Customer care and customer satisfaction
  • Technology brokerage
  • Synthetic and natural polymers and blends, PEM fuel cells
  • Structural relaxation and ageing of materials
  • Inelastic scattering (UV, VIS), SR FT-IR spectroscopy


    • Alternative energy, technology, research impact and evaluation
    • Tasks within CERIC-ERIC:
    • Support to the Board of Directors
    • Development and management of open access policies and procedures
    • Users’ support
tel. +39 040 375 8458

Professional Experiences in:

  • EU projects – participated in project implementing activities (IPA cross-border co-operation)
  • Participated in procurement activities following PRAG 2011 rules

Blue/Green Economy – doing business in an environment-friendly way

Tasks within CERIC-ERIC:

    • Everyday support to administration issues
    • Support to Internal Regulation writing
    • Co-operation with administration in PFs in dealing with CERIC’s administration needs


tel. +39 040 375 8953

Background in:

  • Communication
  • Social and Political Anthropology

Professional Experience in:

  • Communication and PR
  • General Administration
  • Events Management

Tasks within CERIC-ERIC:

  • Internal and external communication – strategy, planning and implementation
  • CERIC website’s management
  • Preparation and dissemination of news, articles and social media posts about CERIC activities, research held and results
  • Promotion of CERIC opportunities, activities and events
  • Coordination of communication activities among Partner Facilities
  • Management of projects’ communications, promotion of project’s activities and dissemination of projects’ results


User Office
tel. +39 040 375 8862


Project Office
tel. +39 040 375 8760

Scientific Background in:
Inorganic Chemistry

Professional Experiences in:

  • Synthesis of inorganic Nanoparticles
  • Small-angle scattering
  • Scientific and non-scientific publication
  • Public relations

Tasks within CERIC-ERIC:

  • Support users in the choice of techniques and in writing a proposal
  • Provide contacts to beamline scientists
  • Provide help for managing calls for proposals
  • Conduct own research within the CERIC PFs


tel. +39 040 375 8804

Scientific Background in:
Biochemistry & Biophysics

Professional Experiences in:

  • Application Research
  • Industrial Customer Support
  • Process Analytical Tools (PAT)
  • Pharmaceutical Quality Control and R&D
  • General Management and Consulting
  • TT and IL

Tasks within CERIC-ERIC:

  • Network and support in the Technology Transfer for all CERIC facilities
  • Monitoring world-wide opportunities and support to PFs for possible industrial projects
  • Communication between scientific & industrial projects and CERIC communication and administration
  • Conception of own applied research


Legal Support