Different studies demonstrated the correlation between media coverage and scientific researches’ citations. However, it’s not an easy task to be featured on the media. CERIC-ERIC’s Communication Office is here to support your research, but your collaboration throughout the experimental and publication process is fundamental. In this page you will find the guidelines to help us disseminate your research.

During your experiments

  • Take pictures– A few pictures with your smartphone will be sufficient. Experimental setups and group pictures are a good subject.
  • Be social– If you are a social network enthusiast we encourage you to Tweet during your experimental activity. We can post together and enhance the visibility of your posts. You can find us on Twitter @CERICnews.

Once the manuscript is accepted by the journal

  • Inform us– Do it as soon as possible via email at our email address ( and attach the PDF of the paper. It’s ok if it’s not in its final form. We need to understand your research and evaluate the best media opportunities for your story. Confidentiality is guaranteed.
  • Provide materials– We will ask you for pictures, quotes, and explanations.

Once the publication is officially scheduled

  • Inform us– Again, do it as soon as possible at our email address ( We need to know the exact date and time the paper will be online, as well as the embargo date.
  • Be responsive– We’re almost there, but we need the materials that we prepared to be checked and authorised for dissemination.

Download the full guidelines here