Radio interview with Lisa Vaccari & Valentina Venuti on multi-technique approach for heritage science

February 25, 2020

Radio interview with Luca Petaccia, scientist @CERIC Italian synchrotron facility

Interview with CERIC users, Prof. Lorenzo Stievano & Prof. Iztok Arčon, on their research on new energy materials

January 29, 2020

Radio interview with CERIC director, Dr. Jana Kolar (Podcast from Radio RAI – EVREKA)

December 17, 2019

Radio interview with CERIC deputy director, Ornela De Giacomo (Podcast from Radio RAI – RADAR)

December 10, 2019

Video from the 1st PaNOSC annual meeting

November 22, 2019

Interview with CERIC Computational Physicis, dr. Aljoša Hafner on the use and benefits of the EOSC

October 8, 2019

PaGES 4 – Project results

April 18, 2019