CERIC Facilities operational status

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak the operation of some of the CERIC facilities has been disrupted. If you have a proposal scheduled in the following months, we kindly invite you to check the list below for an overview.

CERIC promotes the choice of the safest travel solution available to reach the selected facilities. For reasonable distances and travel in the same country or neighbour countries, please travel by car whenever possible

Some of the CERIC’s facilities are still running and are available for Fast Track access for COVID19-related research. Learn more on how to submit your proposal here.

Ruđer Bošković Institute – Croatia

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak RBI accelerator facility has been closed for nearly two months and is reopening at the 4th of May.
Access to some of the beam lines will be possible initially only for a remote use, and we started to book a beam time for such a way.
The earliest beam time booking with a remote use is the 1st of June.
Concerning the physical access to the facility, we expect that it will be possible approximately 2 months after the travel ban between the respective users’ country and Croatia will be lifted.

Budapest Neutron Centre – Hungary

The user operation at BNC has been resumed, but only for remote measurements due to travel bans. To assess the feasibility of your experiments, please get in touch with your local contact at the facility

Charles University Prague – Czech Republic

The premises of the University are still closed to public until further notice.

The Czech government is considering softening the lockdown because of relatively good development of the COVID-19 situation in Czechia. However, current travel restrictions may still prevent our users from travelling.

For information about the operational status of the other facilities:

  • Graz University of Technology – Austria
  • Elettra-Sincrotrone Trieste – Italy
    In order to access the facility during the COVID-19 emergency you will be asked at the entrance to fill-in a self-declaration. To speed up the check-in process all the users are kindly invited to become acquainted with the form before arriving to the facility.
    Please also check the facility’s website for more information about access restrictions
  • National Synchrotron Radiation Centre SOLARIS – Poland
  • National Institute of Materials Physics – Romania
  • National Institute of Chemistry – Slovenia

please get in touch with your local contact at the facility.

Latest update: 16.04.2020