Selected the projects receiving the CERIC Research Grants

During the CERIC General Assembly, which took place on 23rd June, the ranking list of the winners of the CERIC Research Grants was unanimously approved.

The winning proposals are:

  • Renewals (Graphene for Water in Life Sciences – PI: Maya Kiskinova)
  • CEROP (Deciphering single-atom catalysis in Pt/ceria systems via advancing the CERIC operando methods – PI: Josef Mysliveček)
  • Dyna Chiro (Spectroscopy and Dynamics of Chiral Systems – PI: Kevin Prince).

The evaluation committee emphasized the high quality of submissions to the CERIC Research Grants call and evaluated a number of projects as suitable for funding. However, the resources available limited the number of grants allocated to the top three from the ranking list.

The International Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee – ISTAC has encouraged CERIC to investigate the possibilities of allocating more funds in order to support additional proposals submitted to CERIC Grants call.