Spectromicroscopy beamline at Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste

The beamline houses a unique microscope designed for studies of the local band structure of the materials. A VUV beam is focused onto a sub-µm spot and electrons arising from the photoemission process are collected and analyzed in terms of their angular and energy distributions (ARPES). Thanks to the beam focusing, the photoelectron spectrum is acquired as a function of its origin on a sample surface coordinate system. The principal experimental method is photoelectron spectroscopy, specialized in the field of surface and materials science, with a particular emphasis on electronic structure phenomena such as electronic phase transitions and the electronic structure of small – down to sub-micrometer size – objects.

Contact: Alexey Barinov
Tel: +39 040 375 8032 (office) | +39 040 375 8336 (beamline)

Technical specifications and sample environment

ARPES is performed with energy and angular resolutions down to 14 meV and 0.15o by means of an internal movable electron energy analyzer mounted on a precision two axes goniometer setup. The sample can be measured at 15-470 K and the sample focusing and imaging are performed thanks to the XYZR sample scanning stage.

Detailed information can be found on the beamline’s main homepage.