ENRIITC and CERIC event at BSBF: Increasing Research Infrastructures’ visibility and potential towards Industry


Granada Congress Centre

In the frame of BSBF 2022 – Big Science Business Forum, ENRIITC is organising an event on 04th October 2022. As part of this event, ENRIITC in collaboration with CERIC-ERIC, will be organizing training sessions focused on ‘Increasing Research Infrastructures’ visibility and potential towards Industry’.

The event will bring together Industrial Liaison and Contact Officers (ILOs/ICOs) of European Research Infrastructures and Industry representatives to exchange experiences, best practices and knowledge on the topic. It will be also a networking opportunity to strengthen the collaboration between the two parties.

The day will be split into 3 main phases:
► Training and Workshop for ICOs and ILOs;
► The ENRIITC Networking Conference;
► ILOs and ICOS training to strengthen the collaboration of the networks;

Register here.

The programme is available here.

For more information, contact enriitc@esss.se and ilo@ceric-eric.eu

ENRIITC, the European Network of Research Infrastructures and Industry for Collaboration, aims to build a permanent pan-European network of Industrial Liaison and Contact Officers (ILOs and ICOs) and enable industry to become a full partner of research infrastructures whether it is as a user, a supplier, or a co-creator. More in ENRIITC website.