CERIC-ERIC at ESOF2022 in Leiden

13.07.2022 - 16.07.2022


Nowadays, one of the most relevant societal challenges is achieving a paradigm shift towards renewable energy and increasing the efficiency of the current energy systems. However, the large-scale implementation of renewable energy sources deployed so far requires a solution to balance their intermittent nature, such as batteries.

Lithium-ion batteries are widely recognised as one of the most significant energy milestones. They are characterised by superior storage and a long cycle of life. However, the path towards safer, cheaper, and more sustainable batteries has triggered the search for alternatives achieving better performances, longer lifetime, and diversification of raw materials.

With more than 50 advanced analytical techniques available, CERIC contributes to this sector’s scientific and technological advancement. Such efforts
include promoting battery research, funding PhDs, and supporting European initiatives such as Battery2030+.

CERIC-ERIC will be present at the poster session dedicated to a sustainable environment showing the most recent advances in battery research achieved by our users and also why it’s important to develop better batteries achieving diversification of raw materials.

Stay tuned to discover more about our poster presentation on Friday the 15th of July at 12:45 CEST at Pieterskerk in Leiden.