ESFRI Workshop on the Future of RIs in the ERA

06.11.2019 - 08.11.2019

La Palma – Spain

ESFRI will organize a workshop on the future of research infrastructures in the European research area, taking place in La Palma (Spain), on 6-8 November. CERIC will be represented by the Executive Director, Jana Kolar, and the Chair of the General Assembly, Carlo Rizzuto.

With the next Roadmap of European Research Infrastructures, foreseen for publication in 2021, ESFRI will end the second cycle of its Roadmaps. The last two editions have demonstrated clearly how the landscape of research infrastructures in Europe has evolved and matured.

As demonstrated through the work on long-term sustainability of research infrastructures over the last three years, the facilities that have now become operational face very different challenges to the ones early in their lifecycle.

Recognising the nature of these challenges and responding to the invitation of the Competitiveness Council to strengthen its strategic role, ESFRI started a comprehensive reflection process on the role of research infrastructures and ESFRI itself in the evolving European Research Area.

The objective of the workshop is to discuss with research infrastructures, thematic clusters and other stakeholders a number of key topics that emerged through this process in a view of preparing a formal ESFRI document in December 2019.

Find the agenda of the event here.