ACCELERATE webinar #4: Overcoming the Technology Maturity Gap



The 4th ACCELERATE webinar will take place on 11 June at 11:30 (CET+1), with a focus on the maturity gap and a related case at the Krakow University. It will showcase best practices to overcome innovations maturity gap between research & technology organizations and the market.

The speaker of this edition is Mr. Jakub Kruszelnicki, co-owner of the company Creative Labs and OaSIS project coordinator (Optimizing Support of Innovative SMEs).

During  the webinar, Mr. Kruszelnicki will focus on the case of the Krakow University of Technology. He will talk about the maturity gap between the technologies offered by the University and the campanies expectations, from the implementation and scaleup point of view. He will show how this issue has been overcome through the Inkubator Innowacyjności+ programme, and will present a methodology for the identification and assessment of the market potential, before investing on prototyping.

Mr. Kruszelnicki has been working in the field of innovation since 2007. He worked in Barcelona, Spain, as International Innovative Project Manager, and was appointed Responsible for International R&D Projects to Knowledge Innovation Market. After establishing a European Project Office, his responsibilities have been extended from a European to an international scope, with the goal of opening new markets as technology broker in various regions, such as Latin America and Eastern Europe.

Since 2014, Mr. Kruszelnicki has relocated to Krakow and took over the responsibility of Director of Technology Transfer Centre of Cracow University of Technology. From 2018, he has been coordinating and conducting international research on the OaSIS Project and launched Creative Labs.

Find more information about the webinar here.