Energy research: CERIC post-doc won “best poster prize”


Last week our post-doc researcher Sumea Klokic won the best poster prize at the Italian-German WE-Heraeus- Seminar on Frontiers in Correlative Material Characterization: Samples, Techniques, Instrumentation and Data Management, held in Bad Honnef (Germany).

The research described in the winning poster has been conducted in the framework of the internal CERIC project INCITE, which aims at developing a multi-technique approach applicable to an up to now rather poorly explored research field regarding the energy-related (e.g. batteries, photovoltaics, porous soft-matter) systems dynamics. The intention of the project is to combine and extend the research capabilities of X-ray scattering and infrared spectroscopy that are available within our consortium, focusing on solid-state systems and their performance on timescales ranging from picoseconds to seconds.

In the poster, researchers showcased how they used metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) as model film systems to demonstrate the efficacy of time-resolved grazing incidence X-ray scattering and infrared spectroscopy. These techniques were exploited to precisely quantify structural changes in MOF films when triggered by light, temperature, or gas sorption, including CO2. This could help in developing novel applications like mechanical energy storage, drug delivery or gas sequestration.

Our warmest congratulations to Dr Klokic, but also to the entire research team, which includes several scientists of the SAXS and SISSI beamlines (available respectively at the Austrian and Italian CERIC partner facilities at Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste), committed to cutting-edge studies in the energy field.