CERIC Special Session at the 19th Conference of Czech and Slovak Physicists

4-7 September 2017, Prešov - Slovakia

In the framework of the H2020 ACCELERATE project, CERIC took part in the 19th Conference of Czech and Slovak Physicists with a Special Session focused on the opportunities for open access offered by the Consortium. The conference was held at the Faculty of Humanities and Natural Sciences in Prešov, Slovakia, on 4-7 September 2017.

The Czech and Slovak scientific communities gathered to present and share research results, find new collaborations and discuss about future developments in physics and the related fields.

The programme of the CERIC Special Session included a general introduction to CERIC, with a focus on the Czech Partner Facility, and a presentation from the CERIC users Ivan Khalakhan from Charles University in Prague – Czech Republic, and Adalbert Barta from Uzhhorod National University – Ukraine.

Ivan Khalakhan presented the CERIC internal research project CEROP, which focuses on the development of special samples cells, to investigate fuel cells under realistic conditions. The final aim is to elucidate the catalytic mechanism of cerium oxide nanoparticles as alternative to expensive platinum catalysts.
Adalbert Barta presented his research that deals with the adsorption of Adenine amino acids on the surface of Titan Dioxide nanoparticles. He investigated the mechanisms of adsorption by means of instrumentation from the CERIC Czech Partner Facility in combination with theoretical calculations.

The CERIC Special Session, organized in collaboration with Uzhhorod National University, was also a great opportunity to discuss potential collaboration activities between CERIC and the University of Prešov, with the aim of contributing to the development of Slovak scientific research through the single-entry access point to excellent research facilities that CERIC is offering both to scientists and commercial users.

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