Holographic Electron Microscopy

Holographic Electron Microscopy at the University of Salento

JEOL® JEM-ARM200F NEOARM Transmission Electron Microscope 200 kV with Cold-FEG source and aberration correctors

The JEOL JEM-ARM200F NEOARM is a next generation transmission electron microscope fine-tuned for the atomic resolution study of organic and inorganic materials sensitive to radiation damage. The presence of a cold cathode field emitting electron gun (C-FEG), having high brilliance and spatial coherence, combined with a dual CETCOR/ASCOR spherical aberration corrector, allows to obtain images with very high resolution and quality within a range of acceleration values between 30 kV and 200 kV.
The JEOL JEM ARM200F NEOARM is also equipped with an electron biprism with a platinum filament that permits to obtain images of organic macromolecules (single proteins, protein complexes, etc.) by using electron holography.
Moreover, the instrument is equipped with a series of JEOL detectors (JEOL-EDS SDD), Gatan® devices (GIF CONTINUUM ER, RIO16 CAMERA, K3 IS CAMERA), and different types of sample holders that enable:

  • Morphological analysis in HR-TEM and STEM/HAADF modes: 72 pm resolution
  • Structural Analysis: Selected area electron diffraction, SAED (1 μm), Electron diffraction (area <100 nm)
  • Elemental compositional analysis: EDX (energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy), EELS (electron energy-loss spectroscopy), Compositional mapping for both EDX and EELS
  • Electron holography of magnetic materials
  • 3D tomography

The cryo mode is available for the techniques listed above.


  • Accelerating voltage from 30 to 200kV
  • High brightness C-FEG with Flash &Go technology
  • Dual CETCOR/ASCOR corrector, of spherical aberration up to the 5th order
  • Resolution 72pm
  • EDS detector with SDD technology
  • Gatan® Imaging Filter (GIF) type “Continuum ER,” with CMOS detector, 2048 x
    2048 pixels
  • Gatan® Rio16 digital CMOS camera, 16 MP (4,096 x 4,096)
  • Gatan® K3 IS basic digital camera, 14.2 MP (3,456 x 4,092
  • Resolution1: STEM HAADF image 70pm (200kV), 100 pm (80kV), 160 pm (30 kV)
    TEM information limit 100 pm (200kV), 110 pm (80 kV), 250 pm (30 kV)
  • Electron gun: Cold field emission gun (Cold FEG): standard
  • Aberration corrector: STEM: NEO ASCOR HOAC2, TEM: CETCOR with DSS3
  • Corrector auto tuning system: NEO JEOL COSMO Auto tuning system Ad-hoc tune (SIAM) built-in
  • Accelerating voltage: 30 to 200 kV (30, 80, 200 kV: standard, 60, 120 kV: optional)
  • Magnetic field free mode: Lorentz lens settings (x50 to 80 k on screen): standard
  • Specimen movement system: X, Y and Z super-fine mechanical drive, ultra-fine piezo device drives: standard
  • Operation type: RDS 4 operation

1 UHR /UHR with STEM/TEM Cs corrector configured
2 HOAC (Higher order aberration corrector)
3 DSS (DeScan system)
4 (Room divided style)

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