Gas Phase Photoemission (GAPH)

Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste











The Gas Phase Photoemission (GAPH) beamline is the only one at Elettra specifically devoted to research on gaseous systems.

GAPH offers a multi-technique approach for investigation of electronic properties of free atoms, molecules and clusters in the photon energy range 13-900 eV.

The broad energy range, the high resolving power and flux together with the purpose built end-stations, make this facility ideal for investigating the spectroscopy and dynamics of basic processes like inner-shell and multiple excitations and ionisation, as well as for characterising key processes relevant to several areas of science and technology (for example atmospheric chemistry, material science and biomedical sciences).


Kevin Charles Prince
Tel: +39 040 375 8642

Detailed information can be found on the Instrument’s webpage.