CERIC-ERIC New Users Symposium

24.06.2015 - 25.06.2015

Krakow – Poland

  • A symposium for international researchers in the fields of materials and biomaterials sciences.
  • An opportunity for researchers to network and to get the tools to access CERIC-ERIC.
  • A hands-on training chance to increase the quality of multi-techniques proposals.
  • A first step to discovering CERIC-ERIC and its complementary instruments and techniques.

Photons, Ions, Neutrons and Electrons combined in Materials and Biomaterials. Premier workshop on multi-technique research.

During the last years the challenges of modern material and biomaterial research have become too complex to be solved by one special method. Many of the recent advances in those fields have been made by the use of a set of complementary techniques. CERIC is supporting these new developments with a new approach in providing access to state-of-the-art large scale facilities by one single common entry point.

To get the world’s research community acquainted with this new system, the first CERIC New Users Symposium focused on the CERIC multi-technique research approach was held on the 24-25 June 2015, hosted by the new Polish Synchrotron SOLARIS and the Jagiellonian University in Krakow.

The symposium aimed to help new and potential CERIC users to get acquainted with the structure and opportunities of a distributed research infrastructure and with the demands of a successful CERIC multi-technique proposal, and to increase the quality of received proposals and research projects. The event hosted almost 50 participants, who were introduced to the complementary methods of the CERIC Partner Facilities by beamline and instrument scientists and experienced CERIC users. The participants also presented their own single- and multi-technique research in poster sessions and participated in Q&A sessions to open the discussion and to optimize the outcome of the symposium.

Download the programme of the event here