1st Italian ERIC Forum on ERICs’ regulations and operational issues


CERIC Headquarters

CERIC-ERIC is organizing the first Italian ERIC Forum on 27 June 2019 at the CERIC’s headquarters in Trieste.

The meeting is organized in the frame of the H2020 ACCELERATE project, in line with Work Package 1 – Sustainability and responding to challenges, which aims at developing policies, methodologies, funding plans and human resources elements of sustainability of European RIs, with special focus on those using, adopting or contemplating the ERIC model, and of CERIC specifically.

The first Italian ERIC Forum will bring together existing ERICs and ERICs in preparation with seats in Italy to share experiences, present best practices and discuss common challenges. Participating organizations include, in addition to CERIC: EPOS-ERIC, E-RIHS, CTA and EMSO-ERIC.

The event will focus on aspects spanning ERICs’ operational issues such as HR, Administrative and Procurement rules, Tax Exemption and In-Kind Contribution, Financial policies and more. One of the focal points will also be the ERIC Regulations’ implementation, membership, and procedures for hosting an ERIC in Italy.

The discussion will bring to the definition of an action plan to facilitate ERICs implementation.