PaGES 8: schools visits at Elettra Sincrotrone

As part of the PaGES 8 project, funded by the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, on 6 and 7 March CERIC welcomed students from the four participating schools to its Italian partner facility, located at Elettra Sincrotrone (Trieste).

Students, guided by three researchers (Benedetta Marmiroli, Chiara Stani and Francesco D’Amico) had the opportunity to carry out a real scientific experiment, starting with the preparation of samples and then moving on to analysis, carried out with some of the available instrumentation. In particular, during the activity students prepared (by irradiation, baking and subsequent development in the solvent) samples of SUEX materials, and then analysed them using two different spectroscopy techniques: UV Raman and infrared.
At the same time, pupils visited Elettra’s and Fermi’s beamlines, and were involved in a science communication activity, in which they played the role of CERIC social media managers, trying to narrate the scientific activity that they carried out with texts, images and videos.

Now the project continues, and the students – together with their teachers – will analyse the  collected data, in order to produce a scientific report.