PaGES 8 officially kicks-off


The 8th edition of PaGES for the school year 2023-2024 has been officially started: during the project, that is funded by the Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia,  is coordinated by CERIC as coordinator and involves four scientific high schools, pupils will have the chance to take part in a rich programme of training activities that will bring them to the core of scientific research excellence.

The first step of this journey has been taken on the 30th of January, when teachers and representatives of the project partners met at CERIC premises for the project’s kick-off, to fine-tune the details of the project’s work plan and to receive from the researchers involved in PaGES 8 a first introduction about the topics of the scientific activities that will be carried out by students. The common goal is to provide to the main project’s beneficiaries – the pupils, with a toolkit of transversal skills, knowledge and competences, which may be useful to undertake their future educational and professional paths.

In a mix of lectures, interactive activities and hands-on experiments in the labs at the CERIC synchrotron facility in Trieste, Elettra, CERIC scientists and professionals in various fields will address the following topics:

  • Project management: theory and practice
  • Corporate and project’s communication
  • Knowledge and technology transfer: definition and examples
  • Introduction to particle accelerators
  • Scientific experiments at the synchrotron facility
  • Data analysis
  • Science paper writing
  • Public speaking

Moreover, beefore the summer break, each school will organize a final event, during which pupils will hold a public presentation of the scientific and project’s outcomes and results to a diversified audience, including schoolmates, teachers and school managers, scientists and professionals, and eventually journalists and the wider public.