Position paper and recordings from the Conference on employment in public/private research institutions

The conference “Work at public / private research institutions” held at CNEL (Rome) on 12 December 2023, addressed challenging questions related to HR management issues in both the Italian and the international landscape.

As an outcome of the event, a position paper has been released, proposing to activate initiatives for the development of a national reference framework, addressing all major aspects that influence the career and attractiveness of the various professions at public/private research institutions. These include mobility, professional and economic recognition, and the provision of clear career paths based on merit, working-time and working conditions flexibility.

The outcome of this action should be the development of a simple system of rules taking into account the aspects not covered by the national legal systems, and proposing solutions that can be shared between the all “third ring” institutions, which operate in a similar regulatory context and manage comparable issues, as emerged during the conference.

From a European perspective, this system of rules may be disseminated and shared – as a set of best practices – also outside Italy, with the aim of developing reference guidelines.

To this end, the position paper proposes to foster and continue the dialogue and interaction on these topics at both the national and European level.

Read and download the position paper here

The recordings of the event are available on our Youtube channel. Watch them via the links below: