Gregor Mali, distinguished scientist at CERIC’s facility at National Institute of Chemistry, passes away

Gregor Mali, a distinguished researcher at CERIC’s Partner Facility in Ljubljana, at the National Institute of Chemistry,  has died at 53. He worked at the Department of Inorganic Chemistry and Technology and was one of the most renowned scientists worldwide in the field of NMR research on porous materials, in particular catalysts and adsorbents for environmental and energy applications.

Source: Slovenian NMR Centre

Mali’s research work was dedicated to the development and application of NMR and computational methods for the study of the structure of solids: he was the first to introduce high-resolution NMR methods in solids, which provide atomic-resolution insights into the structure of materials. In addition to the experimental methods of magnetic resonance imaging, he also began to introduce computational methods to predict the parameters measurable by magnetic resonance imaging. He combined computational methods with magnetic resonance methods to form what is known as NMR crystallography, an integrated approach to determining the structure of materials. In 2017, he was awarded for his studies with the distinguished Pregl Prize and the Zois Prize.

Our community has lost not just an extraordinary scientist but an exceptional human being. As a colleague, he was committed to collaboration, with an enthusiasm that inspired those around him. His vast knowledge was accompanied by his warmth and compassion in personal interactions. He will be remembered not only for his scientific contributions but for the enduring positive impact he had on the lives of us who had the privilege to know him. He will be sorely missed.

See dr. Mali present the CERIC’s capabilities in Solid state NMR:

The commemoration ceremony will be held Thursday, Sep 7 at 2pm, at the Institute of Chemistry.