Video on battery research for a green future

A rapidly increasing energy demand, driven by factors like population growth and industrial development, is having severe consequences on the global climate. One of the most important societal challenges is to achieve a paradigm shift towards renewable energy in a short time frame and to increase the energy efficiency of the current systems. However, the intermittent nature of most renewable energy sources deployed so far is a significant limiting factor that needs solutions towards a large-scale implementation, such as batteries. The need for energy storage capacity will increase rapidly in the near future. We need more efficient, energy-dense, and greener batteries.

To learn more on how CERIC tackles this challenge and contributes to battery research for a green future, watch the video with Prof. Lorenzo Stievano from Institut Gerhardt Montpellier, who shows how CERIC can support further advancements in battery research through the instruments and techniques available in the Consortium.

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