Learn more about PhD opportunities offered by CERIC

CERIC funds and organize PhD scholarships and doctoral programmes with several Universities and Institutions in Italy and around Europe.

Positions open in 2020-2021, research topics:

  • Recovery and characterization of layered oxides materials from spent batteries: a step forward towards sustainability;
  • Morphochemical and structural changes of electrodes and electrolytes in all-ceramic solid-state lithium batteries;
  • Unravelling the electrochemical mechanisms of battery degradation by operando NMR and X ray absorption spectroscopy;
  • Linking chemistry and phase evolution in metal-O2/S batteries via in situ SAXS and XAS;
  • Unraveling deterioration of fuel cell catalysts;
  • Hydration of bio-molecules by combined use of synchrotron-based UV Resonance Raman and Neutron Scattering experiments;
  • Interlayer magnetic coupling mediated by Dirac materials;
  • Development of ceria based electrochemical sensors for biomolecule detection;
  • Hunting technologies during the Middle and Upper Palaeolithic in Central Southern Italy. Chemical and morphological analyses on lithic and bone implements;
  • Nanostructured materials for gas sensing: correlation between functional, electronic and 3D microstructural properties;
  • From crystal structure to functionality: tailoring the strain driven physical properties of materials;
  • Enzymes@ZIFs: Synthesis and characterization of new bio-composites for Biocatalysis;
  • Imaging and characterization of tissue fibrosis;
  • Effects of particulate and endocrine-disrupting metals on fertility;
  • Mechanisms of Extracellular Vesicles (EVs)internalization by cells
  • Analysis of the changes induced by asbestos fibers on the structure of absorbed proteins and lung tissue architecture;
  • The effect of oxidative stress on guanine rich genomic regions;
  • Integrated structural analysis of human USPs: a novel family of drug gable targets;
  • Structural and functional analysis of helicases involved in genome maintenance.