CERIC @ the MIUR Meeting of the Technical Table for ERIC Coordination

On 23 June, 2020, CERIC attended the meeting of the Technical Table for ERIC Coordination organized by the Italian Ministry of University and Research (MIUR). The Technical Table has the goal to strengthen ministerial support for research infrastructures that have become ERIC, or that have started negotiations for the recognition of the ERIC status.

Given the current global health emergency due to Covid-19, the meeting mainly focused on the following:

  • Main measures and activities selected by the RI to deal with the effects of the health emergency;
  • COVID-19-related initiatives connected to EOSC, both in the national and international context;
  • Collaboration potential of research infrastructures in specific Covid-19-related projects to strengthen the links between Italian and European nodes;
  • Methodologies developed by European infrastructures for the strengthening remote access tools.

CERIC Executive Director, Jana Kolar, stated that “urgent coordinated measures are needed to allow RIs to continue operation during the pandemic, such as strengthened remote services, instruments’ upgrade to reduce personnel on site, and more personnel for users’ support“.

In addition, discussions took place on the following topics:

  • RIs’ governance and definition of review and audit procedures and bodies;
  • Obligations and powers of Member States’ delegations in the governing and control bodies of the ERICs and their role towards the MIUR;
  • Brexit-related issues;
  • Rights and obligations of the Representing Entities;
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).