CERIC @RI-VIS workshop: towards a common communication toolkit for Research Infrastructures


Communication professionals from CERIC and other European Research Infrastructures (RIs) took part in the RI-VIS Communication Workshop held at the EMBRC-ERIC headquarters in Paris, on 1-2 October, 2019.

RI-VIS workshopThe event, which also involved several representatives of the ERIC Forum project, aimed at brainstorming and collecting input on common challenges, needs and resources to be fed into the RI-VIS communication toolkit for Research Infrastructures, which aims to facilitate and harmonise the communication of RIs towards different target groups in Europe and beyond.

During the workshop, hands-on group discussions took place, to build a common glossary, define key messages, efficiently use social media and communication materials, as well as to identify the most efficient ways to address RIs’ stakeholders.

About the RI-VIS project: RI-VIS is a Horizon 2020 project which aims to increase the visibility of European RIs on the global scale.