CERIC at the Science & Industry session of the Forum on New International Research Facilities in South Eastern Europe

The necessity of a continuous growth by adapting to changes, using new technologies and innovating is evident in the European industrial realm. Research infrastructures (RIs) are key actors in this process, for their crucial role in supporting R&D activities and in steering innovation. However, in a rapidly changing competitive market, industrial businesses can face several challenges while achieving this goal. One of the main factors that can lead to innovation is the high potential in R&D resources available and accessible by the industry.

A CERIC delegation will have the chance to take part in a discussion on the topic at the ‘’Science and Industry’’ session of the Forum on New International Research Facilities for South East Europe, organized in Trieste by the ICTP (International Centre for Theoretical Physics) on 26 January. Angela Zennaro, Industrial Liaison Officer at CERIC, will present and discuss the key aspects of a strong relation between the industry and large-scale distributed research infrastructures.

The presentation will cover some of the possible results stemming from a fruitful collaboration between the two parts, by focusing on the expectations that industry has from research infrastructures (RIs), as well as on the impact that RIs have on all stakeholders concerned. The CERIC model, the CERIC solutions for industry and tangible examples of the results obtained by large research infrastructures will also be presented.