CERIC offers access free of charge to researchers who are willing to publish in the public domain. For proprietary research please contact ilo@ceric-eric.eu.

Call for proposals for access to integrated multidisciplinary facilities for Materials and Biomaterials

CERIC-ERIC, the European Distributed Research Infrastructure offers access to more than 40 different and complementary state of the art techniques, distributed in 7 countries. A detailed description of the facilities available in CERIC can be found here. CERIC allows to combine a wide range of methods for sample preparation and analysis in a flexible and project oriented way, with the submission of multi-technique proposals through a single entry point.

Two Steps deadline

Aware of the difficulties users have in writing multi-instrument proposals, we are proposing a two steps deadline option. The first deadline allows to have a pre-evaluation of the proposal at the facilities and, if necessary, two weeks for editing according to the suggestions received, before the definitive submission in the second deadline. Expert users may decide to submit their proposals directly on the second deadline.

Single instrument proposals:

For those facilities that do not have another channel of open access available, also single instrument proposals are welcome. These facilities are:

  • Deep Lithography beamline in Triest
  • Light and x-ray scattering lab in Graz
  • NAP XPS, XPS/XPD and FESEM in Prague
  • NMR spectrometers in Lubiana
  • TEM and EPR in Bucharest
  • Ion beam beamlines in Zagreb
  • Mass spectrometry in Trento

For the rest of the facilities, only multiple technique proposals will be accepted.

How to apply

Access to CERIC is open to scientists from all over the world and free of charge for academic and non-proprietary research. The only condition for free access is the publication of the results of the experiments, with appropriate citing of the facilities and local contacts involved. Proposals shall be submitted online through the Virtual Unified Office (VUO). The best projects will be selected by peer review through an independent and international panel of experts. For further information about the evaluation and how to submit successful proposals please use the left menu.


The first phase for proposals submission, with pre-evaluation and possibility of improvement closed on Friday, February 5th at 17:00hs CET.

The second phase for proposals submission for expert users closed on Tuesday, March 1st at 17:00hs CET'.