Pupils in PaGES 4 start the year 2019 with training in project management, TT and business planning

Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy January 17, 2019

The professors and students of the seven schools involved in the PaGES 4 project started the year 2019 with a rich schedule of activities and events.

During the first event organized at the CERIC headquarters, a group of researchers from the Italian CERIC partner facility at Elettra acquainted the teachers from all partner institutes, with the scientific knowledge behind the experiments that will be carried out by their students in the upcoming months. The following topics were addressed:

In the first three weeks of January, the students of the 7 school partners in PaGES4 attended the first set of lectures scheduled in the project’s training programme. Fabio Mazzolini introduced the project, and presented its activities and goals.

Fabio Mazzolini at Liceo Scientifico Galilei in Trieste, Italy

Andrea Santelli, CERIC Chief Administrative Officer, introduced the basic elements of project management by actively involving the students through the online Socrative tool, through which their answers and feedback on the topic were collected to facilitate the discussion and stimulate the interactive discussion.

Andrea Santelli at the Liceo Scientifico Duca degli Abruzzi in Gorizia, Italy

Raffaella Geometrante, through the example of PaGES 4 partner Kyma s.r.l., in which she is Project Manager and Director, explained the concept of technology transfer, as well as the basic elements of communication with the industry.

Raffaella Geometrante at Liceo Scientifico Oberdan in Trieste, Italy

Thanks to the contribution of Andrea Mestrone from Cassa Rurale FVG, pupils also learned how to implement their business ideas through the adoption of a business plan, which is a crucial element to request and acquire resources through banks and other funding institutes.

Andrea Mestrone at Liceo Scientifico Oberdan in Trieste, Italy