About CONTACT – CERIC-CEI OpeN ACcess Training

The CONTACT project aims at introducing researchers from Albania, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, FYROM, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia, Turkey and Ukraine to the scientific opportunities offered by large scale infrastructures, with a special focus on CERIC-ERIC.

CERIC offers open access to nearly 50 different and complementary state-of-the-art techniques for the analysis and synthesis of advanced materials and biomaterials. Knowing the unique contribution of these techniques to the solution of scientific problems is crucial for writing a successful proposal and getting access to top-class Research Infrastructures like CERIC, where access is granted on the basis of scientific excellence, through the evaluation and selection of the best projects by peer-review.

To support researchers succeed in this mission, the CONTACT project will organise a workshop with sessions focused on the solutions CERIC facilities can provide in different scientific fields, including practical training sessions at the facilities in Trieste and on application procedures. It will be also an opportunity to network for future collaborations and projects.

The CONTACT project is co-financed by the Central European Initiative and by the H2020 project ACCELERATE*