PaGES 4 training on data analysis and science communication

March 2019, Friuli Venezia Giulia - Italy March 26, 2019

Throughout March 2019, the researchers at CERIC and its Italian representing entity, Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste, supported the 146 pupils involved in the PaGES 4 project in analysing the data collected in the previous month during the experiments carried out at the X-Ray Optics Laboratory, at the NanoInnovation Lab, and at the IUVS and SISSI beamlines, and helped them translating them in an intelligible way through images and graphs.
Luciana Gneo (on the left) and Gesmi Milcovich show how to make the analysis of data collected at the NanoInnovation Lab at Elettra

The pupils have also been trained on the various aspects of science communication and dissemination of project’s and research results to both the research community and the wider public.
This part of the training focused on the theories and techniques to communicate the research results to the scientific community: Nicola Cefarin, Alessia Matruglio, Paolo Sigalotti, Loredana Casalis, Francesco D’Amico, Gesmi Milcovich and Luciana Gneo showed how to structure a scientific paper, and provided recommendations on how to prepare and give a presentation targeting specifically a specialised audience of scientists.
Alessia Matruglio explains how to structure a scientific paper

Finally, the CERIC senior communication officer, Nicoletta Carboni, by showcasing the successful science dissemination experience at ESOF 2018 of the two CERIC youngest users, Mitja Denac and Bor Kolar Bačnik, presented the basic elements of a communication plan for the preparation of a public science event, in order for the pupils to get ready to give a presentation about the scientific experiment carried out in PaGES4 to their mates, teachers, parents, and to the wider public, during the event scheduled in each school partner during the first two weeks of April.Nicoletta Carboni presents the basic elements of science communication for the wider public