Advanced Imaging and Probing for Energy Application event at DESY


Hamburg – Germany

Are you a company specialized in the energy sector? Do you want to explore how large-scale Research Infrastructures can support in your new products’ development?

Save the date for the ‘’Advanced Imaging and Probing for Energy Application’’ event organized by ESP Central in the frame of the H2020 ACCELERATE project, which will take place at DESY (Hamburg, Germany) on 8 May, 2019. The event aims to bring together industry representatives from the energy sector and academics interested in collaborating with industry to find solutions to their challenges.

For industrial R&D specialists, characterisation and imaging tools become useful when standard means fail, and a trial and error approach is too expensive.

Special probes such as synchrotrons, neutron sources and high energy laser sources make visible those processes that are otherwise impossible to observe, thanks to techniques for, e.g., materials’ characterisation, or imaging. These tools and probes provide greater insights, which could lead to better or even game-changing products.

During the event, participating companies will be introduced to a breadth of technologies available for them, as well as to their applications, and to examples taken from research projects.

Moreover, information about the procedures to access the available facilities, and possible funding support (local, national and European) will be presented.

Discussion topics will include energy storage, generation, transmission and conversion.

The event’s programme and registration can be found here.