A great success for the CONTACT- Science@CERIC 2022 event

The CONTACT-Science@CERIC event is over. In two days, more than 30 people attended the brilliant presentations provided by 13 speakers about analytical techniques for fuel cell and electrolysers research. The continuous exchange of experiences and information, even beyond the training session, will undoubtedly impact future collaborations and research works.

The event’s location, the Castelbrando castle, also fostered a warm and active atmosphere, which both speakers and attendees highly appreciated.

CERIC-ERIC expresses a warm-hearted thanks to everyone who attended this event and to the CEI-Central European Initiative, who co-financed it through its fund dedicated to cooperation activities aimed at fostering mobility and people-to-people contacts in the CEI region. This event addressed specifically the CEI Plan of Action’s goal “Stimulating Green Growth”.

Watch our gallery here.