Video interview with Andrea Lorenzon on H5nuvola for HDF5 data visualisation and analysis

In the frame of the PaNOSC H2020 project, where CERIC is partners, we interviewed our colleague and project contributor, Andrea Lorenzon, on H5nuvola, a web tool written in Python, to visualise, explore and analyse HDF5 data generated at photon sources.


H5nuvola can be linked to one or more data sources, being local folders, NFSs, etc., and uses metadata and hard logic to select from a set of visualisation plugins, being them general purposed (like the ones for 1 and 2 dimensional datasets) or customised for specific applications (such as one designed to view, explore and analyse X-Ray Fluorescence datasets).

Custom applications are easy to implement, relying on Dash-Plotly applications, written in  pure Python, and making easy the integration of interactive controls, callbacks, and the use of scientists’ analytic pipelines.