CERIC-ERIC at Trieste Next 2021

The tenth edition of the festival of scientific research Trieste Next was a great success. CERIC-ERIC was present with a section in Piazza Unità d’Italia and in two events in collaboration with its Italian partner, Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste.

The encounter with the public started on Friday the 24th of September with ScienceSpotting, an event included in SHARPER- European Researchers’ night. Seventy people discovered how a synchrotron works and its applications with Roberto Visintini (Elettra), Giuliana Aquilanti (Elettra, XAFS beamline coordinator), Chiaramaria Stani (CERIC-ERIC), and Elisa Bergami (University of Siena).

On Saturday the 25th, the focus was on the future of energy with Martina Dell’Angela (CNR-IOM), Paola Luches (CNR), Antonella Iadecola (Centre national de la recherche scientifique), and Lorenzo Stievano (University of Montpellier), where all the fifty seats were booked days before the event.

After a long period marked by COVID-19, it is great to see the public’s active participation and curiosity about what science can deliver and how it can improve our lives.” said Jana Kolar, Executive Director at CERIC-ERIC.

From the left: Roberto Visintini, Giuliana Aquilanti, Elisa Bergami, Chiaramaria Stani