CERIC at the E-RIHS PP 6th Interim Meeting

18-19 October 2018, Florence - Italy

The European Research Infrastructure for Heritage Science (E-RIHS) supports research on heritage interpretation, preservation, documentation and management.

On October 19th, CERIC and the other partners of the E-RIHS Preparatory Phase H2020 project will attend the 6th Interim Meeting in Florence (Italy), to present the project’s state of play and discuss its further steps.

In the same week, the international workshop “From cross-disciplinary research to heritage science”, organized by the National Research Council of Italy (CNR) and the Opificio delle Pietre Dure (OPD) in the frame of the E-RIHS PP and IPERION CH projects, will take place at Palazzo Medici Riccardi. The workshop will be held in Sala Giordano, in October 18, 2018.

The event intends to celebrate the twenty-year collaboration between the CNR, the largest public research body in Italy, and the OPD, the Institute of the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities, through the joint laboratory whose operational and research activity is carried out in the field of restoration of works of art.

The discussion will then address the vision and challenges of the Heritage Science. A final Round Table will be dedicated to discuss, from different point of views, a common heritage science mission.