The construction of the PHELIX beamline started at SOLARIS

Krakow, Poland

The construction of the PHELIX beamline has started at the Polish CERIC Partner Facility, the National Synchrotron Radiation Centre SOLARIS, with the installation of the undulator’s straight section chamber.

The undulator will be the light source for the beamline. It will be delivered to SOLARIS and installed in the storage ring in October 2018. In autumn, an optical hutch will be built in the experimental hall, to protect people from radiation hazards. In the near future it will house the first optical components of the beamline.

The next planned steps are the installation of the front-end, i.e. the part of the beamline situated in the storage ring tunnel after the source (January 2019); the installation of the beamline with optical components for X-rays (February-March 2019); and the installation of the end-station (May-June 2019).

The PHELIX beamline will use soft X-rays. Its end station will enable a wide range of spectroscopic and absorption studies characterized by different surface sensitivity. In addition to collecting standard high-resolution spectra, it will allow, for example, to map the band structure in three dimensions and to detect electron spin in three dimensions. Users will therefore be able to conduct research on new materials, thin films and multilayers systems, catalysts and biomaterials, materials with surface of bulk compounds, spin polarized surface states, as well as chemical reactions taking place on the surface.

More information on the PHELIX beamline can be found here.