News 2016

19 December 2016, Rome - Italy
Workshop on in-kind contributions in ERICs

25th October 2016, Trieste - Italy
Friulia Venezia Giulia–Bavaria: Memorandum of Understanding between CERIC and SHARE strengthens research

20th October 2016
Hungary new Member of CERIC-ERIC

19th - 21st October 2016, Budapest - Hungary
Neutrons in the Automotive Industry - BNC exhibition

3rd - 5th October 2016, Cape Town - South Africa
CERIC at ICRI 2016

22nd September 2016, Trieste - Italy
Carlo Rizzuto awarded with the silver seal of the Province of Trieste

26th - 28th October 2016, Bratislava - Slovakia
Visit CERIC booth at REinEU 2016

3-7 October 2016 - Trieste - Italy
SOS – Software for Optical Simulations workshop, will take place in Trieste in October 2016

8-9 September 2016 - Trieste - Italy
2nd CERIC Internal Workshop on Communication

27th July 2016
Nature appoints Poland as one of the world rising stars in research

14 July 2016 - Brussels - Belgium
CERIC is a founding member of the RESAVER pension Fund

23rd June 2016 - Trieste - Italy
The CERIC Report 2015 has been published. Download it here

23rd June 2016 - Trieste - Italy
Selected the projects receiving the CERIC Research Grants

3rd June 2016 - Krakow - Poland
SOLARIS has been awarded a grant for the construction of a new beamline, PHELIX, and took the first photoemission spectra at the UARPES beamline

20th May 2016 - Trieste - Italy
PaGES partners attended the project’s final meeting and agreed on the submission of PaGES2

5th May 2016 - Krakow - Poland
The UARPES beamline at SOLARIS has given its first light

11th-15th April 2016 - Trieste - Italy
HERCULES 2016 at the Italian Representing Entity of CERIC, Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste

6th-8th April 2016 - Cervignano del Friuli, Gorizia, Trieste - Italy
The students involved in the PaGES project presented its main achievements in a final conference for their schoolmates

18th-22nd March 2016 - Cervignano del Friuli, Gorizia, Trieste - Italy
How to communicate and transfer scientific knowledge? PaGES explained it to students in its 4th cycle of activities

7th-15th March 2016 - Trieste, Italy
CERIC opened its partner laboratories to students participating in PaGES

March 2016
Selected the winners of the internal CERIC Science Picture Contest 2016

8th-9th March 2016 - Amsterdam - The Netherlands
CERIC took part in the 4th ERIC Network Meeting

2nd March 2016
Poland officially joins CERIC-ERIC as full member

23rd-26th February 2016
Discovering hybrid materials, carbon nanotubes and ultra high vacuum: PaGES closes its second round

17th-19th February 2016 - Cervignano del Friuli, Gorizia, Trieste - Italy
A first look into project management: PaGES closed the first cycle of training activities with the schools partners

20th January 2016 - Trieste - Italy
The Italian Ambassador in Slovenia visits CERIC at Elettra

Deadline 15th February 2016
Internal CERIC Science Picture Contest 2016