1st CERIC Internal Workshop on Industrial Liaison & Technology Transfer - Budapest/Hungary

Advanced research developed in an internationally competitive environment has generated several revolutionary technologies. In particular, cutting-edge research on materials and biomaterials has been continuously feeding the growth of new products in industry sectors as diverse as health, energy, food, transport and more. For this reason, the community of CERIC’s researchers and technicians has the challenge and the opportunity to contribute to the economic growth and to the attraction of industries in Central Eastern Europe.
A first step towards this goal will be the 1st CERIC Technology Transfer Workshop, that will take place in October 13th-14th, 2015 in Budapest, Hungary. The members of the CERIC community, together with experts from other European Research Infrastructures will meet to share their experience and discuss the possible construction of a network, as well as the plans for an open workshop in the near future. The expertise is expected to allow building and defining an integrated IL/TT facility within CERIC, by the exchange of best practices and of concrete examples of applied research transferred to the industrial realm.

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