CERIC Science Picture Contest - Your eye into the science world - Call closed

CERIC-ERIC has launched an open call for photographic material, the CERIC Science Picture Contest, aiming at showing the research environment and its results around the world and at the partner facilities distributed in CERIC Member Countries (Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Romania, Slovenia).

Who can apply

The call is open to photographers, researchers and scientists from any institution, students, travellers, and to anyone willing to show his/her perspective on the world of materials/biomaterials science and nanotechnology*.

How to participate

Participants shall submit up to 5 scientific images (microscopy imaging, structures, chemical mapping, etc.) and/or pictures showing the research environment within the 15th of December 2017. Pictures shall be uploaded in the folder at this link. After submission, pictures can be posted also on Twitter, with the hashtag #CERICpicturecontest.

*In order to be eligible for selection, pictures of scientific imaging shall be related to all fields of materials/biomaterials science and nanotechnology and can be taken in any facility worldwide.
Pictures of research instruments and laboratories have to be taken in the CERIC facilities. Any person shown in the pictures should NOT be recognizable, unless a previous authorization to take and publish his/her picture has been signed.

When sending the files, follow the specifications as below:
Format: .jpg
Colour: CMYK;
High resolution: at least 300 dpi;
Size: max. 7 MB each;
File’s name: yourname.surname_picturetitle.jpg;
Both colour and black&white pictures are admitted.
Retouched pictures are not admitted.

Please send also the participation form filled in with the required data.


A selection committee will select and reward the best 3 pictures, for a total of 3 pictures rewarded. The winning authors will be rewarded with 400 Euro after taxes.
Selected pictures will be ensured the publication on the CERIC Report 2017, as well as on other media used by CERIC for its institutional and communication scopes. All received pictures may also be used for other CERIC publications.

Selection Committee

The artworks will be selected by CERIC-ERIC staff and approved by CERIC bodies. The Committee has the right to reward more artworks of the same author. The best pictures will be announced within December 2017 and will be posted and published via the CERIC communications channels.

Acceptance of the Rules

By participating in the CERIC Science Picture Contest, each applicant accepts to transfer for free to CERIC-ERIC all intellectual property rights, except the right to be recognized as the author, on the submitted images, which shall be used by CERIC-ERIC for its publications.